In this chaotic world where women find it extremely hard to pay attention to their personal grooming, perfect hair might seem like a distant dream. But it is not as difficult as it appears. Here are a few tips to help you turn frizzy, unmanageable hair into glorious smooth locks.

Use the right shampoo

Many a times, women tend to ignore the ingredients in their shampoo and end up using the wrong products for their hair type. Figure out your scalp and hair type and choose the appropriate shampoo combination to suit your needs. Using the wrong products could lead to changing the Ph of your scalp, drying out your hair or causing hair fall, which may affect the hair regrowth process.

DIY it

Establish a haircare day, at least once a week. Research online for hair masks to suit your hair type and use natural ingredients to nourish your hair. These products not only natural and chemical free, they are cost efficient and readily available in your kitchen too. In addition, oil your hair using healthy oils such as olive, coconut or castor oil to nourish and boost hair growth. Natural remedies are effective and ensure that you are aware of what you add to your hair.

Don’t overdo it

An overdose of anything is not healthy. Although, it is important to use the right products and maintain a haircare routine, it is best to use any product in moderation. Using excessive products will result in the addition of harmful chemicals. Stay away from harsh hair color and bleaching products which might cause irreversible damage that would lead you to opt for hair restoration procedures to improve the condition of your hair.

Stay away from heat

Most women tend to be insecure about their hair and tend to use styling tools and products on a daily basis maintain it. Blow-drying, straightening or using a curling iron regularly would cause your hair to be severely damaged in a short period of time, as you are adding excessive heat to it. Minimize the use of such styling tools and try using them on a low heat level so that you reduce the damage caused. Try using natural tricks to achieve your desired hairstyle. For example, braiding wet hair could result in beach waves or soft curls once you open them.

Eat right

Apart from external treatment, the products what you take into your body also play a major role in influencing your hair. Eat foods that are rich in magnesium, potassium and protein which boost the keratin and collagen growth. Reduce unrefined sugar and opt for lean meat, leafy greens and nuts, which are full of nutrients.Hair maintenance is not as difficult as it may appear. All it takes is eating right and treating your hair right and you will achieve unfrizzy, stunning, healthy hair in no time.

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